About Us

Royal Rich Interiors, sophisticated and unique interior design and consultancy firm based in Dubai, U.A.E established by Mr Henry Joseph and Mr. S.V. Pai an Architect who has been successfully practicing Architecture and Interior Designing for the last 25 years. They have executed extravagant interiors, which have demonstrated their flair for Interior Design.

Royal Rich Interiors is specialized in flawless designs of luxurious Villas, Offices, Showrooms, Restaurants and Clinics.

Royal Rich Interiors have executed impeccable projects as consultants and turnkey contractors, with a flawless track record.

With an open communication and collaboration, Royal Rich Interiors has been able to provide a combined range of services to our clients, with breathtaking designs and trends. Whatever the project, we deliver to the standards of our client’s utmost satisfaction.

Our Professional Team

We at Royal Rich Interiors, have highly educated and experienced forces of professional teams of Architects, Interior Designers, and Engineers, who have continuously contributed to the distinctive style and standard of our company.

Our professional teams highly enhance the function and quality of Interior spaces for the purpose of improving the quality of life style, as well as increasing productivity, ensuring health and safety, and welfare of the occupants.

Our Teams always take into account our clients requirements, personality, heritage, cultures, goals, suggestions, and life style and formulate preliminary design concepts that meet the standards of our clients. The design solutions are always aesthetic, appropriate and functional yet; holding the codes and standards of our clients and the company in high regard.

The final design recommendations are being developed and presented through appropriate presentation media, taking the essential parts of all design styles, themes, color, balance and function into consideration. Our professional teams make sure that style and usage of each of these are all integral parts of the overall “look” and “feel” of the space.

We at Royal Rich Interiors always use innovative quality materials that suit the design best.